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Meet Dr. Zent

     Dr. Zent's journey towards a more natural healthcare approach began in his undergraduate years. He was working towards his pre-medicine prerequisites and volunteering at a local clinic regularly when he began to notice virtually every patient fail to make a positive change in their health and lifestyle. After months of frustration, he decided to change career paths and look towards a more natural approach.

     He found the philosophy he was looking for in the Chiropractic field.During chiropractic school, he continued to experience many of the health issues he had had prior to entering, despite being adjusted regularly with the most common chiropractic techniques, often involving a "twist-and-crack" approach. It wasn't until a good friend and now colleague introduced him to a much more specific and gentle approach focused on the top two bones of the spine did he finally see incredible change. Within a few short weeks, he noticed the low energy, depression, and neck and shoulder pain dissipate. He began to enjoy activities like volleyball and running again, and was finally able to fully participate in and actually enjoy his life.

      He now uses the same gentle, specific upper cervical specific techniques to address the issues his patients face as they, too, begin their journeys to better health.After serving the Bothell community for two years as an associate doctor, he is ready to serve the Bellevue and surround communities on his own as he grows with his practice, and continues a tradition of excellence with every patient he meets.




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